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Suggested M.D.'s for Chemical Poisoning

Dr. Kendall Gerdes, MD

Allergy & Immunology

Colorado Springs, CO

Address: 3525 American Dr,

Phone: (719) 597-6075

Dr. Gerdes, MD is a practicing Allergist & Immunologist in Colorado Springs, CO. Dr. Gerdes graduated from University of Minnesota Medical School in 1968 and has been in practice for 51 years. He completed a residency at West Virginia University Hospital. Dr. Gerdes accepts multiple insurance plans including Medicare and Medicaid. Dr. Gerdes is board certified in Internal Medicine. Dr. Gerdes also practices at Environmental Medicine Associates in Denver, CO

Dr. Bob Martin


The Dr. Bob Martin Show is the largest syndicated alternative health show in the US. The interactive programs focus on giving listeners health information that will encourage the motivation, confidence and conviction that they need to heal their own bodies of many ailments. Dr. Bob Martin was once an associate of Dr. Kendall Gerdes.

I have used both of these Doctors in the past for chemical poisoning and heavy metals and I highly recommend them!

Joel D. Wallach

Author of: Dead Doctors's Don’t Lie

American veterinary physician