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After years of struggling over the controversy of flat earth or round earth. I decided to just allow scripture to be my guide and truth. Once I did that I still needed to challenge the sciences we have all been taught. Once I investigated and compared notes I myself became a believer in the flat earth. The shows are my since research that convinced me!

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The subject of the flat earth theory and the conspiracy to hid the truth is addressed in a three part series. Everything from gravity to static electrical charge to build the case that gravity is a lie in show one. Since gravity is a lie. What is going on and why have the elite for the past 500 years told us otherwise is show two. Finally in show three. I conclude the teaching by bringing the whole conspiracy together for the end of days. Once you understand the flat earth facts you never go back to the round ball again!

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Bonus show three with guest Mark Sargent: Go to

Show three with special guest Mark Sargent. Mark in the past has been a guest on other radio shows like Cost To Cost AM.

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Flat Earth or Round Ball!

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